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Hybrid-Turn Mattress

Hybrid-Turn Mattress

The Hybrid-Turn Mattress is a unique hybrid concept that offers true alternating therapy with traditional benefits of a pressure mattress by simply rotating the mattress.

The Hybrid-Turn high specification includes:

  • Visco Elastic Foam which conforms to the body
  • Rotating Mattress with alternating sides
  • The option of two strong, durable lightweight pumps available to suit your requirements
  • Step Up – Alternating surface for pressure relieving
  • Step Down – Static surface for pressure reducing
  • Reduction of motion sickness
  • Suitable for clients weighing 247kgs / 39 Stone
  • Mattress dimensions 198 x 88 x 18 cm
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Resistant Cover which can withstand higher concentrate of cleaning substances and offers greater resistance to abrasion
  • High frequency welded seams protect against fluid ingress
  • 360° zip to prolong longevity
  • White inner substrate to aid infection control guidelines 
  • Operating cycle 10 minutes
  • Individual Removable of Cells to ease cleaning & replacement to reduce ongoing costs
  • CPR Tag allows rapid deflation of the mattress due to the simple and easy access function
  • Integral covered Hoses are stored in convenient storage hoops

For further information and pricing please contact the Wellex Sales Team.

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