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Seclusion Mattress

Seclusion Mattress

Specifically designed to be used on the floor, the Seclusion Mattress comes with or without pillow end. Ideal for those who have severe behavioural problems and unpredictable tendencies, the furniture has no inner wood or metal frames and therefore no hard surfaces.

  • Floor Standing
  • Comes with or without 'Pillow End' 
  • Height 21" 
  • One complete unit
  • No internal frames or external zips 
  • No Sharp Edges 
  • Easy-wipe clean for hygiene measures
  • All weighted foam inner to weight grade 30kg m3
  • Approx. weight guide of the mattress 34kgs which is subject change due to size required
  • Material weft and warp have a tear strength of 260 Newtons
  • Strong & durable
  • Standard Single Size however, 'Made to Measure' sizes available on request

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