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Well-Tuff® Anti-suffocation Pillow

Well-Tuff® Anti-suffocation Pillow

Simple and straight forward to use, the intelligent design of the Well-Tuff® Anti-suffocation Pillow with its "egg box style" surface helps ensure the user can breathe at all times.

  • The nodules act as individual springs and are not felt when using the pillow
  • The valleys between the nodules provide a space for any fluids to drain into
  • The pillow is covered in a polyester netting which again allows free air flow and any fluids to drain away
  • The core of the pillow in made from open cell polyurethane foam through which air can also flow
  • Must be used without a Pillow Case 
  • Additional White Mesh Pillow Protector Case available, sold separately
  • Pillow case is washable but the foam should be sponge cleaned only
  • Please note the white pigment in the foam is not light stable hence the foam will over time become a golden syrup colour. This is the natural colour of the foam and not a defect
  • The foam is made it the UK and meets the UK Fire Retardancy Regulations
  • Filling material(s) and covering Fabric meet the requirements for resistance to cigarette and match ignition in the Furniture and Furnishings (FIRE) (Safety) Regulations 1988.
Well-Tuff® Anti Suffocation Pillow
Additional Mesh Pillow Protector

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