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12 January 2017

What is a Tog?

The weathermen are predicting snow, ice and generally cold weather, it is an ideal time to snuggle down and have a Duvet Day.  However, do you know if your Duvet has the right Tog for you or your customer to keep warm this winter?

What is a Tog Rating?
A Tog is a measure of Thermal Resistance of a unit area, developed way back in the 1940’s by The Shirley Institute in Manchester as an easy-to-follow guide. It’s a common misconception that the tog rating indicates of the quality or weight of a duvet but this is not the case. 

How does a Tog Work?
Thetograting refers to effectiveness of a material's thermal insulation with ability to trap warm air. Using an ascending scale ranging from cool and lightweight low tog duvet sat 1.5 and 3tog, up to the extra cosy 15tog duvet. So the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. Within general the preferred Tog Rating is 10.5 which is suitable for all seasons in the UK.

Are Togs Important?
We all know Sleep is fundamental part of our daily routine and you won’t get a good night’s sleep if you are too hot or cold in bed. It is also a fact that women’s bodies tend to be warmer, so women usually prefer a lower tog duvet. Therefore we need to ensure we have the right tog for you. Check out the Welltex scale guide below.  

Please note that Tog Ratings should only be used as a rough guide as a Tog is calculated in a laboratory on a flat surface. When a duvet is draped over you in bed this is not a flat surface and how the duvet falls round you is also very important and can also depend on the quality of fillings. 

Please Click Here for further information on the Welltex Duvet Range. 

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